About Oak City Fibers

Happy Day!!  I'm Glen Lowery
The Owner behind Oak City Fibers!

If I’m not in our Shop knitting up some fantastic fiber, you can find me going on walks with my dog or hanging out with my husband (Chris who is an integral co-owner with me and supports me in all things!) and having fun with my kids (Cyndal and Coy) and 2 beautiful granddaughters, Olive and Lilah. I like 70's music, country, rap, pop, Sinatra and many other songs that I can’t remember the words to. I tell jokes and stories and can’t stop myself from starting up impromptu conversations with strangers. I have never met a stranger and love people from all walks of life! I enjoy dinner parties with friends, (you’re going to want to invite me because I make a mean pound cake or chocolate chess pie). 

I started to crochet when I was 26 and crocheted for many years until I found knitting!!  I began to knit when I was 46 because I wanted to quit smoking. Little did I know how the new "world of fiber" would permanently change my life!!

My key inspiration to continue pushing myself to learn to knit was a lady named Terri.  She and I hung out every Friday I was off work at the LYS and she taught me how to "crank the hell bus" but most importantly taught me how to knit socks!! I was hooked from then on!!!  She passed away in 2013 but I will always hold those times with her very close to my heart!!  She was an awesome lady!!

At Oak City Fibers, we firmly believe that the beauty of hand made items created with yarn is that it makes every stitch an exciting new adventure. It’s my honor and joy to have a local yarn shop that makes you fall in love and your fingers itch to create. 



We want everyone who interacts with Oak City Fiber to come away inspired. Whether you are an employee, customer, designer, yarn collector or someone just stopping by to say hi on social media, we want you to leave inspired and encouraged to create something new!


Our customers are the reason we can do what we love. We want to continue to show our appreciation by putting care and attention into every order and offering the best customer service we can. 


We continue to learn new methods, and we always want to push ourselves to become better at what we do. We want every person at our company to take personal ownership of our successes, mistakes, and growth as we strive to make beautiful friendships and encourage one another to learn and grow in the fiber arts world!


We want to embody kindness as a company. It starts with how we treat each other in our studio and radiates out to those we interact with. We want to create a culture that is inclusive and accepting regardless of race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We will not tolerate racism, hate speech, or bigotry in our shop or on any of our platforms.


Working with yarn, whether it be crocheting, knitting, spinning, weaving etc., can be hard work and physically demanding. Keeping a little fun in the mix is key to loving what we create, supporting each other in our shop, and ensuring that we continue to enjoy the process of creating with yarn. We want to inspire creativity, earn customers for life, constantly improve, be kind, and make sure to laugh and have a good time while we do. 

It is my dream to Empower, Educate, Enlighten and Explore new avenues within the fiber arts world by utilizing teaching, offer continuous learning from one another and while doing all this with fabulous yarns and tools!!  Come join me in the fun!!