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Magner Co. Bags

Magner Co. Bags

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A knitting project bag that's made to last. Designed with our local yarn shop here in Athens, GA, Revival Yarns, this knitting project bag was created to be a simple, classic, and everyday project bag that ages beautifully and gets better with use.

2 sizes - ORIGINAL and ITTY BITTY.

ORIGINAL: (also see pic for dimensions)

10 in. wide
10 in. tall
6 in. deep

ITTY BITTY: (also see pic for dimensions)

Height: 7.5 in.
Bottom Diameter: 5.5 in. 

Pockets: Each bag features inside pockets.

Using the bag:

Cinch top drawcord design allows the bag to open wide during use (tip* - leave the cords slightly cinched to create a yarn bowl - the slightly cinched top of the bag will stabilize it)

Also provides for a snug closure and will help keep contents in place while traveling. The cords can be tied after cinching for added protection.

The handles are designed to stay down and out of the way while in use, but can be rotated up for carrying. This also allows the bag to hang from your arm and knit on the go.

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